Seed & Farming


Currently, there are approximately 140,000 registered paddy farmers.  As part of its social obligations, BERNAS attempts to provide the best possible aid to them towards the production of good quality paddy, which would ultimately end up as rice for local consumption.


Through Program Rakan Ladang, BERNAS has ventured into farm management to provide expertise and latest technology on paddy farming in line with the government’s aim to develop the industry.  Program Rakan Ladang is a strategic pact between BERNAS, government agencies and farmers in enhancing cooperation in order to increase earnings, market share and paddy production through the use and exposure to the latest technology as well as cooperation between communities in the selected areas.


One of our expanded responsibilities is to produce quality certified seeds.  We have been collaborating with Pertubuhan Peladang Kebangsaan (PPK) and other seed producers to produce certified seeds using the foundation seeds produced by MARDI.  Together with 12 other private producers, BERNAS aims to exceed more than 50 percent of the national certified seeds requirement next year.

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